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TM l-1500-328-23
Mutilation is mandatory at the lowest possible
maintenance level for all condemned aeronautical items
that do not require special handling.
Criteria for Condemnation.  Caution should be exercised to be
sure that items such as, but not limited to the following, are
disposed of in a manner which does not allow the aeronautical parts to
be returned to service:
Parts with non-repairable defects,
observable or unobservable to
the naked eye.
Parts that are not within the specifications set forth by the
type designs, and cannot be brought into conformance with applicable
Parts and materials that cannot undergo further processing or
rework to make them eligible for certification under a recognized
certificate holder's system.
Parts subjected to unacceptable modification or rework that is
Retirement Life items which have reached their MAOT or have 99
hours or less of the MAOT remaining at time of removal.
Retirement life items that are removed from an aircraft and do
not qualify for reuse per Section IV, of this manual.
Items administratively condemned by the NMP or higher authority
through a Modification Work Order (MWO) or other directive.
Items which have been condemned as a result of inspection using
magnetic particle,  fluorescent penetrate, X-ray, dye penetrate, or
other methods which reveal defects or conditions not apparent through
normal visual inspection methods.
Items that have sustained major structural stress, been exposed
to fire/heat, or immersed in saltwater as a result of a crash/accident
will be considered unsafe for further use.
Components/parts listed in TB l-1500-341-01 or the ULLS-A
component legitimate code file, when operational time is unknown, or
the item's historical maintenance records are not available.
condemning any item because of lost records or unknown operating time,
If local
every attempt must be made to reconstruct the missing data.
attempts at data reconstruction fail, contact the following:

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